Fred Thomas and The World Is A Beautiful Place Make The World A More Beautiful Place

I’ve been enchanted by the music of the Emo/Postrock/Ambient group The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die since their release of their “Harmlessness” LP back in 2015. I then saw them open up for Into It. Over It. at Lincoln Hall last year and was blown away by the cohesiveness of their live performance. Steven Buttery on the drums, the glue of the band in my opinion,  brings a creative, technical flavor to a genre usually soaked in vanilla. With unpredictable impacts and complex rhythms that are rare in this genre, its hard to believe this group is so tight with seven or more people on stage. When I found out that they were playing the Cobra Lounge (an offshoot of All Rise Brewing Co) I knew I had to be in attendance. Unfortunately it was a Sunday night and none of my friends were available to go, so I went on my own. I don’t regret it in the slightest.

I made it to the venue for indie legend Fred Thomas’ solo opening set, which was a blast. He blends bursts of self-deprecating yet articulate rants with catchy guitar grooves and energetic melodies which was equally cathartic for him and the audience. Check out his new album, “Changer” if you get a chance, I definitely enjoyed it.

TWIABP went on next and started off the show with “Blank #5” into “Walnut Street is Dead”, which immedately absorbed the audience into their bubble of emotions. I’m not a lonely guy nor do I get in my “feels” that easily, but any anxiety about being at the show alone disappeared by the conclusion of the first couple tunes. The band went on to play some of my favorites from Harmlessness as well as some gems from “Formlessness,” a compilation of recordings from prior years. They especially shined on their performance of “The Word Lisa,” my personal favorite TWIABP track. Now, they’ll tell you they didn’t put on their best performances, but I only noticed one major hiccup that they recovered from with utmost grace. Don’t be so hard on yourselves, guys!
TWIABP is now off to the studio to record their next record, but you can catch them the next time they go on tour. They’re also known to do one off shows every now and then. I’d definitely recommend you go to check them out next time you get the chance. They’ll make your world a more beautiful place.

TWIABP Live: 8.5/10
Cobra Lounge: 7.5/10