Proper was Proper


34863Evan Weiss’ Into It. Over It. originated as a solo project. He used to get up on stage with nothing but a guitar and sing his heart out into the microphone. This was his Modus Operandi well into the days of releasing albums with full band recordings.

As good as he is at the solo performance, this style of music doesn’t do much for me without some drums. So, when I found out they were playing “PROPER” in its entirety for the first set of this show, I booked it right over. (This album has my favorite recorded drum part) The resulting performance was as hard hitting as it was inspiring.

The first set was just as I was expecting. They performed the flagship album from front to back with little interruption. He brought his girlfriend Kate on stage for some of the harmonies, which sounded fantastic. After this set was over, Evan took 12 requests from the audience down on a clipboard. They played every single one with grace, including some of my favorites – Brenham, TX and Cambridge, MA.  Keeping it all ages with a 10pm cutoff, the band managed to squeeze it all in by starting the show 15 mins early.

Into It. Over It. did a service to their fans with this show. Though they have no current plans to  play this particular album ever again, I’d highly recommend you check them out if they are ever in your city. 8/10


Listen to their latest album, “Standards” below: