2016 Albums Under My Radar

I would love to be able to listen to every new album released every week, but alas, I am a slave to the corporate system and just don’t have that kind of time. I have so far in 2017 come across a lot of projects released last year that I haven’t yet had a chance to listen to. This list contains what I enjoyed that fell into this category.

  1. Divorce – JPNSGRLS

For those who enjoy: The Strokes, The Arctic Monkeys

divorce2016 was a great year for hip hop. Unfortunately, the world of alt rock was not quite as #blessed with fresh new projects, at least in the mainstream. This punchy album from Canadian Garage Rock band JPNSGRLS delivers for those who are craving some of that Strokes-y, Arctic Monkey’s-esque music we all love. A buddy of mine ended up sharing a joint with these guys in Amsterdam and then recommended them to me. Definitely been enjoying this one. Fave Tracks: 2009, A Comprehensive List of Things I Love

  1. Handbook – Late Nights/Early Mornings

For those who ehandbooknjoy: The running man meme

Nostalgic vibes hitting me hard with this one. Very synthy, very upbeat, but at the same time kind of chill and sensual. Throws you back to the 80s. What are the kids calling it these days? Chillstep? Fave Tracks: Mysterious Stranger, Yeah

  1. Mr. Oizo – All Wet

For those who enjoy: Soulwax and other glitchy, weird shit

oizoMr. Oizo is back with another sonic journey through the world of rhythm. Most every track on this album is punctuated with booming bass and synth but also contains intricacies that would impress any veteran producer. Not to mention, it’s fun to listen to. Don’t listen to this one if you’re looking for something super catchy and melodic, but with features from the likes of Charli XCX, Peaches and Skrillex, this one’s definitely not a sneezer. Fave Tracks: End of the World Ft. Skrillex

  1. Sego – Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around

For those who segolike: Local Natives

This album is cool! Provo band Sego does a good job of satisfyi
ng my craving for LCD Soundsystem Lyrically, while saying no to Synths and saying yes to weird guitar pedals and bass pedals. These guys do a great job of sounding almost like some Dirty Projectors or Animal Collective tracks with their varied instrumentation while not becoming exceedingly abstract or noisy. Groovy, Poetic and Edgy this one is. If you’re looking for some fresh indie, check this one out. Fave tracks: False Currency, Wicket Youth

5. Oddisee – The Odd Tape

For those who enjoy: Anderson.Paak instrumentals

oddisee_cvr_sq-ba45521f594910fdfed5e482a151c741a1b4f062-s300-c85.jpgI’ll be the first to admit that I do not usually keep up with Oddisee. He is a bonafide grinder, and has been for over a decade now. As tasty and intricate his projects may be, the lack of vocals on the majority of his tracks sometime leave me wanting more. However, this one is an exception. His blend of soulful jazz and easy hip hop production results in a very listenable full album that tells a story of its own. If you need some good music to study to, or some beats to rap over in the whip so you can impress your friends, look no further. Fave Tracks: Alarmed, Out at Night

6. Homesafe – Evermore

For those who enjoy: The Story So Far, Knucklepuck, Real Friends

I have an insaevermoretiable sweet tooth for pop punk, and this album truly satisfies it. This group shares some members with Knucklepuck and also has a similar vibe, but I find the tracks darker and more emotional. Im a big fan of this one, hoping that 2k17 brings me some more sweet suburban blues. Fave Tracks: Relapse, Exoneration




7. Kero Kero Bonito – Bonito Generation

For those who enjoy: Carly Rae Jepsen (if you’re laughing, leave.)

6230133.jpgBubblegum pop is not a guilty pleasure of mine. And that’s because I feel no guilt when I listen to it. It is, hands down, my favorite thing to listen to when done well. See: Emotion. This album is no exception. Kero Kero Bonito does a great job mixing some modern pop themes with Japanese vocal riffs. This album makes me happy. And if you disagree, I will kill  you. Fave Tracks: Big City, Trampoline, Try Me